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Design for Impact is a down-to-earth A/B testing guide.

It features the Conversion Design process to help you and your team drive business growth. In it, Erin Weigel gives you practical tips and tools to design better experiments at scale. She does this with self-deprecating humor that will leave you smiling—if not laughing aloud.

Bonus! The Good Experimental Design toolkit in the appendix presents everything you learn into step-by-step process for you to use each day.

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Who Should Read This Book

If you’re a curious person working in tech who wants to deliver impactful work, you should read this book. If you’re a business leader looking to help your team make better decisions, you should read this book. If you want to level-up your approach to experimentation, you should read this book. In short, everyone—from CEOs to marketers, engineers, product people, through to designers and content folks—should read this book.


  • Learn a fun, balanced approach to digital product experimentation to get your whole team testing customer-centric ideas.
  • Stop making changes and start making improvements with the Conversion Design process.
  • Follow the Good Experimental Design toolkit so that you and your entire team design for impact together.
  • Clear up confusion around A/B testing with helpful tools and practical advice.
  • Look for loads of actionable tips for effective product experimentation to give your team insight into the big picture.
  • Make the complex math behind why experimentation works easy and understandable.
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