Media kit

Pictures, bios, and content for you to use as needed for promotion.

Media kit

Pictures, bios, and content for you to use as needed for promotion.

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Erin Weigel
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Erin Weigel
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Erin Weigel on stage talking at a conference.
Erin Weigel speaking at GPEC Summit in Bucharest Romania
Erin Weigel speaking at Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt Germany
Erin Weigel on stage at Growth Marketing Summit in Germany


Focus on Experimentation

Erin Weigel delivers impactful, user-centric products and tells stories about how she does it.
Her career started in customer service when she worked retail and waited tables. This experience developed her service mindset, which guides her unique design approach.
She has A/B tested thousands of design changes at, the world's largest online travel website, where she worked as Principal Designer for 9 years. Her specialties are Conversion Design and building experimentation cultures. She's currently writing Design for Impact: Your Guide to Designing Effective Product Experiments, published by Rosenfeld Media, which will be released in 2024.
Learn more about Erin and all the stuff she does at
Or, follow her on LinkedIn for design tips and resources.

Focus on Design Systems & Accessibility
Erin Weigel has led Design Systems & Accessibility previously at and currently Deliveroo. She believes that scaling good design means baking accessibility into every aspect of the product design and development process. Her experience running accessibility experiments at provided her with quantifiable data that accessible UI is good for both people and for business. You can learn more about Erin and the different things she does at or follow her on LinkedIn at

Press release

Make things better—not just different Design for Impact is your down-to-earth A/B testing guide. 
It features the Conversion Design process to operationalize effective experimentation in your company. In it, Erin Weigel gives you practical tips and tools to design better experiments at scale. She does this with self-deprecating humor that will leave you smiling—if not laughing aloud. As a bonus, The Good Experimental Design toolkit presents everything you learn into step-by-step process for you to use each day. To buy a copy visit... (EU) (global)

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Design for Impact: Your Guide to Designing Effective Product Experiments book by Erin Weigel on a bookshelf. Propped up against the book is a die cut sticker that says, "Make things better—not just different"
Design for Impact book by Erin Weigel on a transparent background
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