Design for Impact

Your Guide to Designing Effective Product Experiments

Design for Impact book laying open on a desk
Design for Impact is published by Rosenfeld Media and will be available in 2024.

Learn to design for impact with the Conversion Design process.

Align your teams around a process that drives growth by enabling better decision-making at scale. The Conversion Design process combines design, science, and business. Design by way of human-centered problem solving. Science by way of the scientific method. And business by way of value creation and transfer to stakeholders within the eco-system.

Conversion design venn diagram showing the intersection of design, business, and science

Unlike other design processes, which are based on linear thinking, Conversion Design is based on systems thinking. Systems thinking, is a practice and set of tools that helps you understand and capture things in a dynamic and interconnected way. With it, you can represent and understand the world around you more accurately to make optimal decisions in the face of complexity. 

Conversion Design works much like a machine. Teams work together and lean on each other’s strengths at different points in the Conversion Design process by representing a wide range of disciplines. Everyone plays an important role to get through each step.

Conversion Design works like a machine.
Conversion Design works like a machine.

A/B testing is a common form of randomized controlled experiment. And it's the secret sauce to designing better products. The book walks you through how to design effective product experiments to create the knowledge you need to make optimal decisions. 

Design for Impact

My upcoming book about the Conversion Design Process features...

  • An experiment design toolkit with templates and a checklist,
  • Design tips that improve conversion,
  • Hard-won lessons & stories from 1,000s of experiments.

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The Good Experimental Design Toolkit

Templates to help you structure and document your thoughts

The Good Experimental Design Toolkit with four templates.
The Good Experiment Design Toolkit has four fill-in-the-blank templates to guide your experiment design.


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Got things that need doin'?

I'm available to speak at events and do practical design workshops. If you'd like to level-up your team, gimme a shout.

Got things that need doin'?

I'm available to speak at events and do practical design workshops. If you'd like to level-up your team, gimme a shout.

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