I'm a top A/B testing influencer

I got some professional recognition!

I'm super happy to share that I was selected as one of Kamaleoon's Top A/B Testing Influencers in 2022. What does that mean? It means I've provided value to the experimentation community by sharing my experience.

I hope to be even more useful as I share progress on the book I'm writing about Conversion Design. It was a nudge from recognition like this that inspired me to write my book.

An advertising banner that names Erin Weigel at a Top A/B Testing Influencer of 2022 by Kamaleoon
Erin Weigel was selected as a Top A/B Testing Influencer in 2022 by Kamaleoon.

Lots of great people I've had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with at conferences also made the list.

Some of my personal A/B Testing faves are:

You can read the full list of folks who made the Top A/B Testing Influencers list on Kamaleoon's blog.

Thanks so much to Kamaleoon for the support!

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